Topic 2-2 Evidence based policies

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    It is important to check the national policies of your country on how to develop an intervention or what is considered acceptable content for an intervention at a school or educational setting.
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    You can also develop certain policies relevant to your educational setting to show your commitment to the mental health of your students.
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    A school’s (or any educational setting) mental health policy is a document that explains the values, principles and the strategies the school will implement to support its students on mental health issues and promote student wellbeing.

If you want to develop your mental health and wellbeing policy, consider the below:

Involve students & parents

Consult pupils, parents or carers in creating this policy

Be clear

Make the policies clear and be transparent with how you develop them

Review & Update

Schedule a yearly meeting to review or update your policies

Display the policies

Display your mental health and wellbeing policies in your school e.g. reception area, common rooms or website

Reflection: Consider the answers to the below questions:

  • Does your school have a mental health policy?
  • Does it address the mental health of pupils?
  • If you don’t have a separate mental health policy, do your related policies sufficiently promote mental health?