Topic 1 What is well-being?

  • Well-being is the experience of health. It includes mental and physical health, physical and emotional safety, and a feeling of belonging, sense of purpose, achievement and success.
  • Well-being is a broad concept and covers a range of psychological and physical abilities.
  • Five major types of well-being are said to be: emotional, physical, social, workplace, and societal well being.
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    Emotional well-being: the ability to be resilient, manage one’s emotions and generate emotions that lead to good feelings
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    Physical well-being: the ability to improve the functioning of one’s body through healthy eating and good exercise habits
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    Social well-being: the ability to communicate, develop meaningful relationships with others and create one’s own emotional support network
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    Workplace well-being: the ability to pursue one’s own interests, beliefs and values in order to gain meaning and happiness in life and professional enrichment
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    Societal well-being: the ability to participate in an active community or culture.