Module 1 Promoting communication skills

Module Overview:

The Module content of Module N°1 will focus on promoting communication skills inside and outside the classroom with a specific topic targeting emergency situation such as natural disasters or health issues.

The first topics will cover general communication topics such as, types of communication. There we will address verbal and non-verbal communications. Later the Module will focus in Participative structures and how to achieve results, take into account the group of learners but also their parents and community.

Units in the Module:

  • Unit 1: What is communication
  • Unit 2: Strategies for Effective Communication targeting a group
  • Unit 3: Communicating with Students
  • Unit 4: Communicating with Parents
  • Unit 5: Communicate in emergencies

Module Overview:

Upon completion of this Module participants should be able to:

  • Have a clear understanding what communication is and means
  • Communicate in a classroom and how to address parents
  • Communicate in a verbal and non-verbal way
  • Know how to use communication to obtain active participation
  • Adapt its communication and react to emergency situation e.g., prevent them

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