Topic 5 A challenge for educators

  • These indications that may facilitate inclusive education are fundamental in an extreme period such as the covid-19 pandemic but also in in-presence education.
  • The fundamental objective is to develop relationships between the people involved, collaboration between teachers and families through the use of technologies that can support this integration.
  • Even with the reopening of schools, students were presented with a wide variety of academic and socio-emotional problems. Therefore schools have had to and will have to continue in the future to consciously adapt systems and practices to satisfy the student population.
  • The covid-19 pandemic has presented a challenge for educators at every level of schooling, but at the same time it presents an opportunity for growth and reflection. Educators can examine this time and build on existing systems and practices with new academic and behavioural strategies so as to make teaching more efficient, effective and inclusive.
  • This challenging period could be seen as potentially helpful in addressing performance gaps and diversity in a meaningful and long-term way.
  • Whenever it is possible, the support of school psychologists and other support staff is essential to benefit from this pandemic and the experience of distance education.