Activity 1

How to increase your emotional vocabulary and awareness?

  1. Know the variety of emotions that exist and that all of them are valid. To do this, when trying to identify how you feel, look for different words to describe what is happening to you.
  2. Understand and accept the emotions of others without judging them, being empathetic. 
  3. Try not to avoid feeling certain emotions.
  4. Reflect on what you are feeling to get to the source of the emotion and understand what you are feeling.
  5. Express what you are feeling, either by talking to someone or writing it down.

Activity 2

How to learn to be assertive:

  • Start with easy situations (for instance, in a restaurant change the dish you asked for).
  • Say “no”. At the begging it will be uncomfortable, but with practice it will become easier.
  • Be simple and direct.
  • Do not ask for apology when expressing a need.
  • Use an appropriate body language and voice.