Topic 6 Specific strategies to handle other problems

6.1. Grief: emotional expression, social support

  • The loss of a close friend or relative is a big challenge that all of us have to face at some point in our lives. The reaction or response to this event is different from person to person, and each individual uses their own resources.
  • What is common to all people is the need of time to assimilate and process the loss. Generally speaking, most of the people can overcome the loss and continue with their normal life. The role of emotional expression during the grieving process is crucial. And thus, the social support is also important. If you have support you can feel more comfortable expressing your feelings.
  • However, some people need more time to process a loss. Sometimes this is associated with difficulties in expressing feelings. These people could have a complicated grief, needing health professional help.

During the grieving process it is important:

  • Do not push yourself to relief your pain.
  • Accept all your feelings, there is no wrong or good feelings.
  • Talk about the death of the loved one, do not deny the loss and reality. 
  • Take care of yourself.

Here you have some extra tips: