Topic 1 Promotion of emotional awareness/intelligence

1.1. Emotional vocabulary: knowing and naming emotions

  • Sometimes people do not know how to describe what they are feeling because they do not really know all the variety of emotions and feelings that exist and this can prevent them from identifying and understanding what is happening to them.
  • Also, some people confuse some emotions with others, for example, frustration with anger. This feeling of confusion sometimes generates negative emotions not only because of the mere fact of not knowing what is happening to them, but also because they are not able to externalize and name what is happening to them, which can generate conflict with other people.
  • For this reason, it is important to cultivate and enlarge our emotional vocabulary in order to be clear about what we feel and be able to transmit it and promote healthy interpersonal relationships.

1.2. Recognition and understanding of my own emotions and the ones in others

  • Similarly to the aforementioned topic, apart from knowing that there is a bunch of emotions and feelings, it is crucial to recognize them in ourselves and in others.
  • If we know how to recognize the emotions we feel and why we feel them, it allows us to know how to manage them better and reduce the impact produced by these emotions.
  • Benefits of the emotional awareness:
    • Promotes the development of social skills
    • Improves self-esteem
    • Promotes self-knowledge
    • Improves self-reflection
    • Improves social relationships