Topic 2 Enhancement of emotional regulation

2.1. Difference between thought, emotion and behaviour and its interaction

Our behaviour is a consequence of our emotions and these are caused by our thoughts. But, in turn, our behaviour influences what we feel and what we think. Thus, these three aspects are interrelated but it is important distinguish them to understand the human functioning. 


Check this video to know more about the connection between feelings, thoughts and behaviours:

2.2. Suitable expression of pleasant and unpleasant feelings and emotions (no repression, self-control, tolerance).

  • In addition to identifying our emotions and feelings, it is essential to learn how to express them correctly.
  • Expressing what you feel and being understood by others, makes you feel good and you relate better with others because you improve communication.
  • It is important that when expressing your emotions, you first take your time to think about it, put your ideas in order and in this way, you will be able to express yourself better.
  • Some people have more difficulty than others in expressing their feelings, for various reasons. In some cases, it may be helpful to do it in writing at first. This way you can review what you have written to be sure it is what you want to convey. However, verbal communication along with gestures is the best way to relate.
  • Another important aspect is evaluating when is the right time to express emotions. For example, in the case of anger, it is often so strong that it overwhelms us and makes it difficult to think clearly.