Activity 1

A Teacher’s role is to:

A. Academically support pupils and cannot replicate or replace specialist care for mental health problems especially during public health crises

B. Provide counselling for emotional and behavioural issues to students during public health crises

C. Educate and support students for common mental health struggles in public health crises

D. Organise group counselling sessions for parents to support them with mental health issues of students

Activity 2

Which of the following sentences represent SMART goals?

1. By the end of term students will know the common symptoms of anxiety and constant worry

2. I will learn to practice self-love and self-compassion

3. I will organise a brainstorm session with pupils to discuss mental health stigma

4. During the next parents meeting I will inform parents about the available mental health services for children in the community

Activity 3

Evaluation is:

A. Helpful to the school principle to assess my performance

B. Unnecessary as Ι can tell if a programme or an activity is working or not

C. About assessing students’ performance

D. Helpful to see what was well received and which element of the programme needs further adjustment