Topic 1 Introduction

The importance of self expression through art for children and teenagers

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    During Covid-19 pandemic, many children and teenagers were learning from home and were dependent on their screens to connect to peers, teachers & family.
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    It is essential that students are encouraged to express themselves through creative outlets like; dance, writing, visual arts, drama, music et., especially under those circumstances.
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    Children may lack the developmental ability and life experience to understand, verbally express and process difficult, adverse or traumatic experiences.
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    Art can be a way to support & promote mental health in children & it is an evidence-based solution.
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    There are several research studies that show the importance of incorporating arts in students’ lives at home as well as in their education systems (e.g. Martin & Calvert, 2018).
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    For example, a study (Malboeuf‑Hurtubise et al., 2021), showed that online emotion-based drawing interventions are beneficial to improve mental health in elementary school children, in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.
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    Specifically, the drawing interventions decreased levels of inattention and hyperactivity.
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    This study also showed that the implementation of these interventions online and remotely, through a videoconference platform, is feasible and adequate in school-based settings.