Topic 1 Introduction

Teacher-led school based interventions (SBIs) can support students with their mental health and general wellbeing, improve their emotional skills and these impacts can persist over time

Definition of Interventions

Short-term activities delivered to the whole classroom or individuals, targeted to specific needs of students

Mental health of students deteriorated due to the pandemic

Teachers should learn how to proactively identify behavioural, emotional & academic areas of need and support students before they fall behind.

Benefits of teacher-led mental health Interventions

Improved wellbeing, acceptance & normalisation of mental illnesses, acknowledgement of emotional distress, reduction of stigma, encouragement of help-seeking behaviour

Dodge, Daly and Sanders propose that well-being is “The balance point between an individual’s resource pool and the challenges faced. When individuals have more challenges than resources the see-saw dips, along with their well being” (Dodge et al., 2012)