Topic 5 Implementing creative activities in classroom

6 Tips for teachers to implement self-expression of students through art:

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    Create an art-friendly space
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    Provide the relevant tools
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    Stay close and follow students’ lead-you will be surprised how much a pupil shares while creating
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    No pressure -self-expression should feel good
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    Provide positive feedback when they show you their work
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    Encourage sharing & talking about the art: important to experience pride, vulnerability, trust & acceptance

3 tips for creating art mindfully with students:

Creative games in the classroom for all ages

Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) activity for the classroom- appropriate for all ages

  • You may wonder how you’ll find the time to incorporate all these creative activities into an already busy teaching schedule, but!
  • It takes significantly less time to teach a lesson that integrated a little creativity
  • It is important to make time for creativity!
  • You can incorporate creative activities that take only a few minutes to do
  • They also require very little preparation time and cost very little money, if any

“Creative expression can provide an outlet for identifying, working through and expressing complicated emotions under difficult circumstances; and second, sharing art and writing builds bridges between people, offering opportunities for connection and empathy in times of crises or isolation.”

Christopher Wisniewski, Executive Director of the non-profit Alliance for Young Artists & Writers