Topic 2 The effectiveness of school-based interventions (SBIs)

Paulus et al., 2016

What is Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in Education?

SEL is an educational methodology that helps pupils of all educational levels and ages to develop their emotional, behavioural and social skills. With SEL based interventions students can:

  • Picture109
    Better comprehend their emotions
  • Picture112
    Develop behavioural & communication skills
  • Picture113
    Better regulate their emotions & show empathy to others
  • Picture114
    Make responsible decisions to achieve their academic goals, build positive relationships & improve their well-being
Weissberg et al. 2015

Teacher- led SBIs can reach 100% of students who:

Picture116 Are at risk:

  • Low socioeconomic income
  • Family violence
  • Disruption in routine activities
  • Pre-existing conditions (e.g. ADHD)

Picture117 Experience mental health issues:

  • Depression & anxiety doubled during the pandemic
  • Older children & adolescents most affected
  • Impaired social interaction and lethargy
  • Increased levels of Internet and computer use 

Teacher-led SBIs are effective when they are:

Five Steps to Mental Health and wellbeing: A framework for schools to design effective interventions (Anna Freud National centre for Children and families)

Anna Freud National centre for Children and Families