Topic 4 Digital toolkits, online activities, and other resources

Here is a selection of age appropriate tools and activities to help you teach mental health and social and emotional skills to your students

A helpful tool that will help you design your own intervention (please click the link below the picture to access the tool):
  • A helpful tool designed by Unisef available in many languages
  • Addressed to children 6-11 years, to explain the current pandemic, using a fun activity that includes story telling. It is about a girl who travels around the world on the back of a dragon and in this journey learns more about the coronavirus. Together with other children they discover coping mechanisms that they can use when faced with difficult emotions like fear, grief, anger & sadness.
  • The Reference Centre for Psychosocial Support has developed the activity Child Friendly Activity Cards, specifically designed for children up to 12 years, who are in lockdown or have limited (or no) access to school and other activities.
  • The activities are designed to help children have fun, learn ways to be emotionally resilient, and to practice emotional and social skills.
  • All the activities can be done individually or with a small group of people at home.
  • The activity cards are available for free and have been translated into several languages.
  • The crossword activity is a fun way to introduce a topic (like stress, anxiety etc.) to students 12-18 years. The activity has been designed by Middle & High School Teachers with BookWidgets
  • You can create a free account and then choose a list of words and their description, and BookWidgets creates an interactive crossword for you.
  • The Social Awareness tool is designed for students 14-18 years & aims to help them develop empathy for others, appreciate diversity & understand that people with different perspectives are worthy of respect.
  • Use this prompt and the table below to help students write an analysis of their opinion: How can fiction shape our view of ourselves? l

5 ideas for teachers to discuss mental health with students of all ages

Bright spots activity: an activity for children of all ages to learn to notice the positive things in their life and help brighten their mood

The circle of control: an activity to help children of all ages understand what they can control and what they can’t, and alleviate stress

Social and Emotional Learning Tool
  • It is a 5-point scale that can help students with self-management.
  • This scale can help students do emotional check ins and will enable them to discuss strategies for responding to emotionally stressful situations.
  • It can be adapted for each developmental stage and includes the below statements: