Topic 5 Monitoring progress

Monitoring progress means to identify changes in students’ demeanour over time. These changes should be in line with the goal of the intervention i.e. with what the teacher sought to achieve when designing the intervention.

  • Picture119
    Changes in pupils’ overall well-being
  • Picture121
    Increased knowledge levels or raised awareness on this mental health topic
  • Picture120
    Improvement of symptom presentation (e.g. decreased stress levels)
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    Showing supportive behaviour towards their peers when they face mental health challenges
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    Engagement with class activities, fulfilment of school responsibilities & increased overall functioning

Monitoring Progress

Monitoring progress and comparing it with the aims helps provide teachers, parents & other stakeholders have regular feedback on progress or setbacks

Adjust the Strategy

This will enable teachers to adjust the strategy when students need further help, support or attention

Questions to consider

What tools/methods will I use to implement the intervention? How will I monitor the process? What changes do I need to observe to know that what I am doing is working? Are there any adjustments I need to do?

Face the challenges

After answering these questions, teachers will be ready to effectively problem solve and address any challenges they may face during the intervention implementation