Topic 3 Setting goals and objectives

There are many approaches to decide which goals and objectives are appropriate and relevant to a specific group of students. First, consider these factors:

Some important questions to be considered before setting intervention goals are below:

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    What are some of the students’ needs that need to be addressed?
  • Picture121
    What are the benefits?
  • Picture120
    What are the indicators that show that the intervention is moving to the right direction?
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    What should the intervention accomplish?
  • Picture123
    Whose behaviour needs to change?
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    What will success look like?
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    What skills or knowledge will students gain?
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    What are the expected outcomes?
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    How much change is necessary?
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    What changes to the environment need to occur?
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    What resources are needed to make changes (e.g., tools and skills)?

SMART goals are:

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    When goals are SMART they are more focused, easily tracked, important to the student and therefore more likely to be accomplished
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    Consider creating you own goals and guide your students into creating their own goals!

A form to help educators design SMART goals

Reflection: Can you think of examples of intervention goals – think of SMART goals and non SMART goals.